Afsana Islam, Ineiry Pena, Aliyah Nesbitt, Samara Cotto, Meagan Zullo, Daysha Williams, Blessing Ojo, and Emily Payamps

“21 Students Bring Weapons to School to Protect Themselves From Danger Outside of School That City Fails to Address.”

There, New York Post, we fixed the title for you.

The “gun bust” that…

Vinnie Hurst, Urban Assembly Climate Culture & Community Program Manager

To all of our school support staff, teachers, college and guidance counselors, and to our 23 Amazing Principals — thank you! In 2020–21, UA schools served almost 9,000 students across New York City. You all are amazing.

Despite the numerous…

Alexis Goldberg, Urban Assembly Managing Director of School Support

Right now, local and federal budgets are facing shortfalls and New York City schools are feeling the impact of economic constraints. With limited budgets, schools face staffing challenges that are devastating in a moment when more resources are critical, not less…

Stephanie Fiorelli, Urban Assembly Deputy Director of Alumni Success

Say what you will about silly TikToks and trivial selfies but you’ve got to give it to them: Gen Z seeks out joy. It’s time we learn from them.

I’ll be the first to say that our public schools in NYC…

The Urban Assembly

A network of schools committed to advancing students’ economic and social mobility by improving public education.

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